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Type Humanoid
(elf, mortic)
CR 2
Environment Any

Source: The Dead Roads, pg(s). 86

Angheuvores, also called half-ghouls, are a type of elven mortic who share many properties with ghouls.[1]


An angheuvore has the characteristic elven long ears and featureless dark eyes, as well as a long jaw filled with sharp teeth. The typical angheuvore is six feet tall and weighs around 125 pounds.[1]


Angheuvores can be born to elven parents subjected to necromantic energies or suffering from ghoul fever, and have an insatiable appetite for humanoid flesh. Like elves, angheuvores can live for centuries and are immune to ghouls' paralytic touch but not ghoul fever, and can contract this disease when living among ghouls. An angheuvore killed by ghoul fever always seamlessly becomes a ghast, with their memories intact.[1]


Due to their appetite, angheuvore children are often shunned and grow up alone or among angheuvore communities. Some angheuvores lurk in the fringes of society seeking for food, sometimes keeping humanoid prisoners to eat when hungry. Others live within humanoid settlements, work as gravediggers, morticians or doctors, and subsist on corpses while keeping a low profile. Angheuvores and ghouls get along well, and they sometimes share hunting grounds or even live in the same community. During their long lives, angheuvores often drift between numerous communities.[1]


Angheuvores appreciate art, which is usually considered gory by other humanoids due to its focus on flesh and innards. Unlike elves, angheuvores are impatient and do not bother to live in harmony with their environment.[1]


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