Anvillers' Guild

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Anvillers' Guild

Forgemaster Kelda Halrig
Metal smiths, glass workers, vendors of such products
Source: Fires of the Haunted City, pg(s). 65

The Anvillers' Guild1 in the dwarven city of Kovlar employs hundreds of smiths. It is the most powerful guild of the city.23 Its members include practically all of the city's metalworkers and metalwork traders, as well as anyone working in glass. The guild strictly regulates who can sell such goods to the public as part of their effort to ensure Kovlar's reputation for high-quality goods is maintained.2 Under the leadership of Forgemaster Kelda Halrig, the guild has a program that allows smiths from throughout the region to come to train in Kovlar, so long as they are willing to share any of their own techniques.4 The Forgemaster is traditionally selected from whichever guildmembers can produce products of the highest quality, and the title has been held by Kelda Halrig for several decades.4 As the leader of the city's largest guild, the Forgemaster also acts as de facto Speaker for the Court of Regents.5


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