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Nation Five Kings Mountains
Size Large town
Population 4,390
Demographics Almost 100% dwarf

Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 14

Kovlar (sometimes, but rarely and probably incorrectly, written Kolvar) is a small dwarven city in Five Kings Mountains built in the tunnels and caverns at the southern outskirts of the fallen great city of Saggorak.[1]

Khadon the Mighty failed to reclaim Saggorak, 700 years after its destruction in 2519 AR. The ancient city, after its 12-year siege and the terrible death from starvation of its inhabitants, had been swarmed by an army of undead dwarves. So he directed his effort to wall off the city and establish Kovlar in a much smaller area. Now the subterranean region connecting Mount Arugak to Mount Mist is sealed, with the exception of a few mines which are accessible from the surface.[1]

The reinstated dwarves of Kovlar established many powerful guilds, administered by the Court of Regents which regularly ship their goods to Highhelm from where they are traded all over Golarion. The most powerful guild in Kovlar is the Anvilers' Guild which employs hundreds of dwarven smiths.[1]