Arboreal archive

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Arboreal archive

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 21

Arboreal archives are forest guardians who hold the expansive knowledge of the natural history of their region.1


Arboreal archives, like their other arboreal kin, are large plant creatures, though arboreal archives are often among the largest. Unique in appearance as all arboreals are, arboreal archives grow distinct patterns of bark.1


Less inclined towards direct combat as compared to arboreal reapers or wardens, arboreal archives will attempt to mentally overwhelm assailants with a flood of memories and information gathered over their many years. Arboreal archives are also quite skilled at magics that entangle their foes in plant and earth.1


Arboreal archives, like their kin, reside virtually exclusively in forests. Typically a forest or region of a large forest will only have a single arboreal archive as the lorekeeper of the forest community, offering its wisdom not only to other arboreals, but also to any other creature who seeks out their knowledge. When an arboreal archive grows close to the end of its life or seeks retirement, the arboreal regents of the region will meet and, after a year of deliberation, will nominate one of their own to take up the mantle of the next arboreal archivist.1


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