Arboreal reaper

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Arboreal reaper

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 20

Arboreal reapers are forest guardians focusing on the decay phase of a forest's lifecycle.1


Arboreal reapers, like their other arboreal kin, are large plant creatures. Arboreal reapers tend to emphasize in appearance more the growth of twisted, warped trees that grow around rocks and deadwood. Arboreal reapers will occasionally grow around old ruins and incorporate the structures into their forms as they mature.1


Primarily physical creatures, arboreal reapers are most likely to beat their enemies to death as anything else, though many can also fire thorns from a distance. Focusing as they do on the decay, arboreal reapers are able to drain moisture from creatures from a distance and leach their life force with their touch.1


Arboreal reapers, like their kin, reside virtually exclusively in forests. Arboreal reapers often give their forests an eerie, even sinister vibe. Groups seeking to perform less savory rituals and rites often congregate in forests governed by arboreal reapers (knowingly or not), as the arboreal reapers will often let the ceremonies be if they do not disturb the forest.1


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