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Aroden's holy symbol.

The raucous, week-long festival known as Armasse is held each year beginning on 16 Arodus.1 The celebration—once dedicated to the god Aroden—is still important to the faithful of Iomedae, who use it to train commoners in combat, ordain apprentice clergy, pick squires for knights, and teach military history, hoping to prevent the mistakes of the past from being repeated.234 Among those not dedicated to the Inheritor the holiday has lost most of its religious significance since Aroden's death, tending now only toward wild partying, a fact that has precluded the diabolist authorities of Cheliax from prohibiting Armasse outright.1 Nevertheless, in places where the church of Asmodeus is openly allowed, it hosts special activities for its parishioners during the same week in an effort to counter the influence of the holiday.5 The city of Corentyn is especially known for its extravagant Armasse festivities.1

Church of Milani

The Church of Milani celebrates Armasse because of its focus on teaching the common folk to fight.6


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