Aryne Ornislovna

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Aryne Ornislovna

Source: Castles of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 19

Dr. Aryne Ornislovna is a zombie lord servant of Malyas in Castle Kronquist. She is a masterful surgeon who helped create many of Malyas' undead war machines with the aid of her lover and assistant, the vampire Cordavo. She looks like an Ustalavic woman in her prime. She was a living human in Malyas' service, but as she aged she replaced her failing organs until little of her original body remained.1

Aryne recently captured the vampire hunter Cvotgar Haas, who had managed to intrude into the castle, and brought him before Lord Malyas. Malyas interrogated the terrified human from his coffin for weeks, and once he learned all that he wanted regarding the world beyond the castle, he left the broken man to Aryne. The doctor then dissected and recreated the trespasser's body with numerous prosthetics and clockwork augmentations, and then let Cordavo transform him into a vampire. Aryne was especially intrigued by Cvotgar's news about the discoveries in nearby Numeria.1