Cvotgar Haas

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Cvotgar Haas

Source: Castles of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 19-20

Cvotgar Haas was a Numerian vampire-hunter who in 4356 AR1 penetrated the defenses of Castle Kronquist in Ustalav, but was captured soon thereafter by the servants of Lord Malyas.2

They took him to their master, who spent weeks interrogating Haas about the current state of the world, particularly his homeland. Once the vampire had sated his curiosity, Haas was given to the castle's resident alchemist, Dr. Ornislovna, for experimentation. She replaced numerous body parts and organs with clockwork replicas, and eventually ordered her lover, the vampire Cordavo, to turn him when his living body began to fail due to her invasive procedures. Haas was then released and has joined the other undead residents of Castle Kronquist.2

Unlike the others, however, Haas is quite ambitious and strains to be free of Lord Malyas' control. He has even ignored the vampire lord's direct rule of not attracting outside attention by inviting former colleagues to his new home, where he turns them into undead servants.2


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