Associative Act

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The Associative Act is the constitution of the Inner Sea region's only democratic nation: Andoran. Written by the People's Freedom Movement in 4669 AR during the People's Revolt, the Associative Act at its origin was a "private, sworn and voluntary" agreement to safeguard the rights of every Andoren citizen. It has since been codified into law, and now serves as the the foundation for how the fledgling nation should be governed. It not only enshrines the rights of every Andoren citizen in law, but has also led to economic emancipation, and the creation of administrative agencies to help protect and maintain those rights. Its central tenet is that all Andoren citizens have the right to follow the dictates of their own conscience as long as their actions do not harm, or intend to harm, other persons or their property. It also serves as a benchmark against which any new laws created by the People's Council must be judged.[1][2][3]


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