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The People's Council is a 350-member elected body responsible for governing the nation of Andoran. The council's primary purpose is to "safeguard the interests of every single citizen of Andoran".1 It meets in the Palace of the People's Council, on the western end of the Field of Concord in Almas. Even though its members remained ordinary citizens, many of them maintain a lifestyle that resembles those of Andoran's pre-revolutionary aristocracy.2

Membership and duties

The members of the People's Council are elected every five years by the people of Andoran; the citizens of each of the nation's municipalities are allowed to appoint a single representative to the Council, as are each of the major trade guilds. The People's Council is led by the Supreme Elect (currently Andira Marusek, who replaced Codwin I), who is appointed by the Council's members following each election.13

The People's Council holds public meetings regularly in the capital city of Almas every six months, and special sessions can be called as needed. Its main responsibilities are the appointing of magistrates and the drafting of laws that follow the nation's constitution, known as the Associative Act. The Council is also responsible for the selection of mayors for each of Andoran's municipalities, as well as the appointment of a Supreme Vicar to serve as an adviser to the Supreme Elect. It annually also elects one of its members to become its public spokesperson, the People's Voice. As of 4715 AR, the position is held by Jarlisa Hermedas.413

Finance and Foreign affairs

A cabinet of 30 Ministers is charged with managing Andoran's financial and banking systems, and are also responsible for overseeing foreign relations.1 The Andoren economy relies on the widespread access to credit with low-enough interest rates to discourage tax evasion and usury. Because of their openness and strength, Andoren banks also are heavily invested in foreign business ventures. Fraud and corruption are are seen as high treason in the Andoren legal code, and perpetrators can count on being exiled with their assets seized by the government5


Andoran's military forces are led by a group of 30 Consuls who are also members of the People's Council. These individuals possess executive control over the nation's army and navy, and include the current commander of the Eagle Knights, General Reginald Cormoth.1


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