Auberta Korantai

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Auberta Korantai


Auberta Korantai is a recent arrival at Habe's Sanatorium, who claims of hearing voices whispering among the trees and the swaying grass in the wind. These claims particularly intrigue Erin Habe, who sees the similarities with what explorers who sought the source of the Turandarok River reported. Indeed, in her moments of lucidity, Auberta recalls that this is what exactly she and her friend Aylen Rass tried to do. However, she has no memories of the hike until she staggered into Sandpoint, clutching Aylen's bloody shirt and shrieking about the 'faceless one beyond the fog'. If questioned further, Auberta lapses into a semi-catatonic state and mumbles prayers to Desna to protect her from the whispers. Even if her amnesia and schizophrenia could be cured, Auberta remembers nothing that happened up the river.1


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