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A whisperer.

(extraplanar, incorporeal)
Any wilderness
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 276

Whisperers1 are alien evil fey that lay claim to wilderness areas as their primeval landscapes. In these areas, especially near the whisperer itself, eerie, inexplicable, hazardous events are common; plants and animals are unusually hostile, as are previous trespassers who were turned into haunts. The only creatures that whisperers allow in their domain are evil fey and the victims of the whisperer turned into undead creatures or haunts.2


A whisperer resembles a fifteen-foot-tall, faceless, incorporeal humanoid.2


Wounds caused by a whisperer's mist tendrils resist healing. They can curse foes to become so obsessed with their primeval landscapes, they refuse to leave. If killed, a whisperer can resurrect itself at the next new moon, unless its primeval landscape is dispelled or removed.2

On Golarion

A whisperer haunts the Shy Hills to the east of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. The headwaters of the Turandarok River lie somewhere within the whisperer's hunting domain and the Varisians of the region have long-held legends about this powerful entity.3


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