Azmakian effigy

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Azmakian effigy

Source: Graveclaw, pg(s). 81

An ancient relic of the long-dead demon lord Xar-Azmak, Azmakian effigies are demonic constructs with great power over rust.1


An Azmakian effigy resembles an especially vicious looking iron golem with a huge pair of bull-like horns. The effigy is also covered in a solid layer of rust that continually flakes off whenever the creature moves.1

Habitat and ecology

Azmakian effigies were created by Xar-Azmak to serve as weapons in his demonic legions, and they remain one of his most infamous inventions. In his heyday Xar-Azmak boasted thousands of Azmakian effigies, but after his death most were stranded in the infernal city of Dis as a result of Xar-Azmak's ill-fated invasion of the Iron City. After Xar-Azmak's death the devils of Dis relentlessly hunted down these effigies. Those that survived to modern times escaped the purges of Dis by offering their services to worshippers on Golarion. The methods of creating and repairing these constructs was lost with Xar-Azmak's death, and most that survive show at least some signs of damage.1

Azmakian effigies are feared for their rusting breath that can destroy even powerful magic items with ease. Those who battle an Azmakian effigy try to engage it at range to avoid this, but the effigies are surprisingly fast considering their size and bulk.1


Rumors suggest the methods of creating an Azmakian effigy are contained within the pages of a book known as the Azmakian Formula. This book is also said to include information on the ancient Jistka Imperium and its methods of demon-binding, as well as information on Xar-Azmak's Abyssal realm of Vlorus.1


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