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The Hellish city of Dis.

Titles Infernal City
Region Hell
Size Metropolis
Population 9,500,000
Demographics 5,700,000 devils; 1,425,000 damned petitioners; 950,000 kytons; 190,000 asuras; 1,235,000 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful evil
Ruler Dispater

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 37ff.

The second layer of Hell is Dis (pronounced DIHS), the Infernal City, a prison for the souls of those who used the law to prey upon those around them.[1]

A magnificent, yet twisted mockery of a mortal palace, the court of Dis supplies a constant supply of soldiers to the other infernal layers of Hell. It is within the burning walls of Dispater's garrison-cities that the mortal dead, wrathful and vengeful, are trained and transformed through combat.[2]

Dis is ruled by the archdevil Dispater who rarely leaves his city, except to the summons of Asmodeus.[3]

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The warlike levalochs, also known as warmonger devils, are most commonly found on Dis.[4]

The largest concentration of erinyes in Hell lives and thrives in Dis.[1]