Barrow hound

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Barrow hound

Source: Fangwood Keep, pg(s). 29

Barrow hounds are native to the First World. These hounds have dark-green fur braided into complex patterns that shift and reform on their own. These large creatures stand 7 feet high, are 14 feet long, and weigh nearly 3,000 pounds.1

The barrow hounds are unusually obedient for fey; they are loyal to those they respect. While they generally prefer to avoid battle by scaring creatures off with their ear-splitting howls, barrow hounds have a powerful bite and their braided fur is used to grab and constrict their foes.1

Barrow hounds are most often encountered in the Evergrove forest in the First World, but may be summoned on rare occasions by powerful fey or druids.1


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