Barrow hound

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Barrow hound

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Type Fey
CR 6
Environment Any (First World)

Source: Fangwood Keep, pg(s). 29

Barrow hounds are native to the First World. These hounds have dark-green fur braided into complex patterns that shift and reform on their own. These large creatures stand 7 feet high, are 14 feet long, and weigh nearly 3,000 pounds.[1]

The barrow hounds are unusually obedient for fey; they are loyal to those they respect. While they generally prefer to avoid battle by scaring creatures off with their ear-splitting howls, barrow hounds have a powerful bite and their braided fur is used to grab and constrict their foes.[1]

Barrow hounds are most often encountered in the Evergrove forest in the First World, but may be summoned on rare occasions by powerful fey or druids.[1]


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