Battle of Bloody Teeth

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The Battle of Bloody Teeth, a three-day clash during the Freedom War between Molthuni and Nirmathi rebels to control the city of Tamran, took place in 4651 AR. It was the fourth time in four years that Molthuni forces laid claim to Tamran, each time eventually losing it to rebel forces.1

Molthune's General Lords initiated the battle by making a permanent claim to Tamran and pushing a large armed force not only into the city but through the Marideth River, mowing down trees along the riverbanks along the way to stave off the guerrilla assaults that had worked so well in the past.2

However, druid allies joined the rebels outside of Crystalhurst to halt the advance, and in coordinated assaults pushed the army back and out of Tamran.2

The Battle of Bloody Teeth was a turning point in the Freedom War, as rebel leader Irgal Nirmath rode continued momentum over the next year into a string of victories over Molthuni forces.2


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