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Small city
7,600 humans, 1,500 aiuvarins, 450 halflings, 180 other
Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 29

The city of Tamran, capital of Nirmathas, is a ramshackle city, especially for a nation's capital. It is built on piers and pilings over the marshlands at the mouth of the Marideth River, where it meets the banks of Lake Encarthan. The city is connected by a web of bridges, ramps, and causeways, and a flotilla of barges and skiffs, and all of the buildings are made from wood. Due to the fact Tamran is still standing after its violent history, it is seen as a symbol of Nirmathas's tenacity and resourcefulness. Considering Nirmathas is a country at war, Tamran seems to lack any sort of defences, including a city wall—but as history has shown, this is in fact its best defence.1


First Offense

Tamran did at one point have a city wall surrounding it, but in 4646 AR—two years before the formal start of the Freedom War with neighbouring Molthune—Molthuni forces seized the city in a battle later known as the First Offense. Northern rebels, while not yet fully organized, attempted to reclaim the city months later.2

It became clear that such a static defence played into Molthune's traditional style of warfare and even hindered counter-attacks. Instead, the Nirmathi tore down their old city wall, their soldiers dissipating into the surrounding countryside upon hearing word of an attack from Molthune, and the citizens of Tamran would then simply surrender. The Nirmathas soldiers would then sneak back into the city, aided by the river and lack of city walls, to wreak havoc on the occupying forces using guerrilla tactics.

Since the conflicts began, Tamran has been occupied five times, each time proving too costly to hold for long. At the end of their last occupation, Molthuni forces grew so frustrated that they burned the city to the ground, only to have it be completely rebuilt within a year.1

Worship of Razmir

Since 4709 AR, the worship of Razmir has been outlawed by decree of Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk, since it was proven that the clergy were bullying and extorting local businesses in town.3

Places of interest

  • Known as a fairly safe inn near the waterfront, the Gar's Last Meal is a fine establishment provided patrons can withstand the smell of fish. It is owned by a grizzled sailor named Puglas Tamall.
  • The Ranger's Lament is a simple, one-storied tavern located in the center of town.
  • The Forest Bounty is a large feasthall located in the northern part of the city.4
  • The Greenglade is a monthly black market on the Marideth River that specializes in information about the movements and missions of the Molthuni Army.5
  • The Ashfall Lodge is the Pathfinder Society's base of operations in Nirmathas. Balanced on three cypress trees, it also doubles as a temple of Alseta.6


Paizo published an article and map of Tamran in Lands of Conflict, and featured Tamran in Masks of the Living God.

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