Batulu Senzan

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Batulu Senzan
Titles Archbanker
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Mwangi)
Class Cleric 9 / Ranger 1
Gender Male
Homeland Kalabuto, Sargava
Deity Abadar

Source: Inner Sea Temples, pg(s). 27

Batulu Senzan is the archbanker of the First Colonial Bank of Sargava in Kalabuto, Sargava. He has made the temple one of the more potent moderating forces in the city. Batulu Senzan has Mwangi heritage. His efforts to spread the worship of the Master of the First Vault among the local Mwangi has done much to improve relations. However, it also causes some Mwangi tribes to view him as a traitor.[1] Archbanker Batulu Senzan has presided over the temple since its construction and has worked tirelessly to grow his congregation.[2]

The archbanker's office is located close to the temple's lobby, while his chambers are on the floor below the temple nave, near the library.[3]