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Nation Sargava
Size Large city
Population 11,340
Demographics 11,200 humans (700 colonials, 10,500 Mwangi), 140 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Neutral
Ruler General Alban

Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 15f.

Kalabuto (population 11,340) is the largest settlement in Sargava.[1] It is a crumbling city built by Mwangi tribesmen in the pre-colonial era, and today the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants are Mwangi, ruled over by a minority of Sargavan colonialists. It is the main target for the anti-colonial feeling of the Mwangi city of Mzali to the east, and it is surely only a matter of time before the internal and external Mwangi unite to expel the Sargavans from the city.[2]


Kalabuto was initially inhabited only by the Kalabuta tribe, but was discovered by Chelish explorers in 4140 AR. It was established as a permanent colonial settlement in 4150 AR, but attempts to forcibly convert natives to the worship of Aroden, among other slights, led to native rebellions in 4152 AR and 4217 AR. These revolts were put down by Chelish troops, but the conversion efforts were ended.[3] After a string of guerrilla attacks against the Sargavan border patrol from 4678 AR onwards, the city was sacked by the forces of Mzali in 4684 AR, 4690 AR, and 4702 AR.[4]


Most of Kalabuto's population is native Mwangi, with Kalabuta being the dominant tribe. Kalabuta are integrated into the city's military all the way to the top, with Kalabuta Commander Ursel occupying the position of Praetor within the militia. The minority of colonials that live in Kalabuto hold most of the power and have a strong sense of racial superiority; the governor, General Alban, is openly racist.[5]


The city is surrounded by pineapple fields and date palm orchards. It is located atop a low hill overlooking the River of Lost Tears. The city appears overgrown by the jungle. A lot of shanties and warehouses are along the riverbank.[6]

Sites of Interest

There was a Pathfinder lodge in the city, but was recently closed in the face of native unrest.[7]

  • Fort Kalabuto: Fort Kalabuto is a military stronghold built in a ruined temple, as well as General Alban's home and headquarters. It is regarded as the most defensible position in the entire city.[8]
  • The Ruins: A number of ruined buildings in Kalabuto are only a tip of much larger underground complexes, generally referred to as the Ruins. Strange creatures like talking monkeys and skeletal lizard-men are rumored to dwell in the ruins.[8] It is within one of the ruins of a temple that a Varisian monk named Altori teaches his discipline to a number of students.[9]


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