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Bedu Hanji

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 28

The cruel mandrill-headed raja-krodha Bedu Hanji rules the Rampore Isles in the Shackles from his sprawling palace in Ghrinitshahara. The town once resembled the hamlets of the distant Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra, home to the Vudran mariners that established the settlement. In 4662 AR three rakshasas, fleeing bounties placed on their heads by a powerful rajah, managed to infiltrate Rampore's loose organization. Within 2 years the three evil outsiders assassinated or imprisoned all rival Vudran pirate lords. The boldest of the three was Bedu Hanji who managed to do away with his equally treacherous partners and became the master of the isles. Ghrinitshahara became the center of a thriving business around the trade of humanoid slaves.1

Hanji captains the massive galleon Semudarogah (or Sea Plague in Vudrani). For two months of the year Hanji and a large part of Rampore's fleet sail north around the Eye of Abendego, pillaging merchant vessels as far away as Varisia. They also raid the coastlines to secure fresh humanoid cargo for Hanji's thriving slave-training camps. Hanji leaves Ghrinitshahara in the hands of three cruel lieutenants, Cuha Cahora, Rakhna, and Vesyapremi. Each of these lieutenants is devoted to Hanji and harbors a burning hatred for the other two.1

Hanji is in a fierce conflict with Bag Island. Captured sailors of Bag Island ships are crucified on the southern shoreline of the largest of the Rampore islands which Hanji himself maliciously named the Halfling Coast.1


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