Rampore Isles

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Rampore Isles.

The Rampore Isles in the Shackles have been colonized by Vudrani sailors. The town of Ghrinitshahara once resembled the hamlets and villages of the distant Kingdom of Vudra. In 4662 AR three rakshasas, fleeing bounties placed on their heads by a powerful rajah, managed to infiltrate Rampore's loose organization. Within two years, the three evil outsiders assassinated or imprisoned all rival Vudrani pirate lords. The boldest of the three was Bedu Hanji, who managed to do away with his equally treacherous partners and became the master of the isles. Ghrinitshahara became the center of a thriving business around the trade of humanoid slaves.1

Rampore has a large, well-armed armada to protect goods being brought into the islands. Hanji is in a fierce conflict with the abolitionists of Bag Island, and orders the crucifixion of captured Bag Island sailors on the southern shoreline of the largest of the Rampore Isles, which Hanji himself maliciously named the Halfling Coast.1

Notable settlements


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