Bag Island

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Bag Island

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 6

Bag Island is one of the major islands of the Shackles. It is west of Dahak's Teeth and north of Motaku Isle.1

The ruler of Bag Island is the pirate lord Jolis Raffles, who offers freed slaves from the slave ships of Cheliax the chance to settle on his island.2

Bag Island is committed to crushing the slave trade and is in a dire conflict with the much-hated Bedu Hanji and Rampore Isles to Bag Island's north. The rakshasa-led Rampore Isles are a major slave trade center, and the slaver-hating halflings of Bag Island celebrate every capture of a Rampore slave ship. Not a week goes by without a Bag Island vessel encountering a ship flying the blood-red flag of Rampore. Bag Island crews fight to the death, as captured sailors are crucified on the southern shore of Rampore's largest island.3 The coast has been named the Halfling Coast by Hanji himself.4


The south of Bag Island is grassy plains, rolling hills, and sandy shores but the north of the island is craggy and dotted with thick patches of rainforest. The lazy river Libera feeds several hot marshy areas that are home to venomous snakes, oversized insects, and giant amphibians. It is said that manticores and even a black dragon lair in the marshes.3


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