Belcorra Haruvex

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Belcorra Haruvex
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Ghost
Class Sorcerer
Gender Female
Homeland Absalom, Isle of Kortos
Deity Nhimbaloth
Organization Haruvex family
Born 4213 AR
Died 4244 AR

Source: Ruins of Gauntlight, pg(s). 75f.

Belcorra Haruvex is a ghost who lives in the ruins of Gauntlight near the town of Otari.[1]


Raised by a wealthy family of Nhimbaloth worshipping cultists, she (and her family) were ejected from Absalom when she was only six years old after the city learned of their evil ritualistic sacrifices. This instilled a deep hatred of Absalom in her heart.[1]

By 4230 AR, she had become a powerful sorcerer and secretly relocated to the Isle of Kortos to build a Gauntlight, a magical lighthouse, situated above a subterranean shrine to Nhimbaloth called the Empty Vault. In 4234 AR, Gauntlight was completed, and she began to work on the dungeons underneath, which she named the Abomination Vaults. Her plan was to to recruit and house subterranean monsters, beasts, and other allies in the dungeons to unleash on Absalom.[1]

In 4244 AR, a group of adventurers, called the Roseguard, investigated the lighthouse and killed Belcorra, but not before she could slay their rogue Otari Ilvashti. By 4719 AR, she re-awakened as a ghost and began to to reactivate Gauntlight, a task she completed two years later in 4721 AR.[1]


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