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Nation Absalom
Region Isle of Kortos
Level 4
Size Small town
Population 1,240
Demographics 60% humans, 8% halflings, 7% half-elves, 6% elves, 5% dwarves, 5% gnomes, 3% half-orcs, 2% goblins, 4% other
Government Mayor (elected leader)
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Mayor Oseph Menhemes
Leader Captain Lardus Longsaddle

Source: Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide, pg(s). 135

Otari is a small port town situated near the Immenwood on the south coast of the Isle of Kortos. It is located about halfway between Absalom and Diobel and provides access to most modern luxuries without the hustle and bustle of city living.[citation needed]

Otari is a popular retirement locale for ex-Pathfinders and many businesses are run by retired Pathfinders.[1]

Notable Locations

The Thirsty Alpaca Tavern sits on the waterfront and sometimes serves as a Pathfinder safe house in time of need.[citation needed]

Notable Residents