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Otari as seen from the Inner Sea.
Nation Absalom
Region Isle of Kortos
Level 4[1]
Traits Town[1]
Size Small town
Population 1,240
Demographics 60% humans, 8% halflings, 7% half-elves, 6% elves, 5% dwarves, 5% gnomes, 3% half-orcs, 2% goblins, 4% other
Government Mayor (elected leader)
Alignment Neutral
Adjective Otari
Ruler Mayor Oseph Menhemes
Leader Captain Lardus Longsaddle
Images of Otari

Source: Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide, pg(s). 135

Otari is a small port town near the Immenwood on the south coast of the Isle of Kortos, about halfway between Absalom and Diobel. It is located at the head of a bay of the Inner Sea.[2] It is a modern but relatively quiet settlement, and is popular among retired Pathfinders, many of whom operate businesses there.[3] Important to the economy of Absalom as a whole is Otari's lumber trade: timber cut from the Immenwood arrives by road into Otari and, from there, is traded across the Inner Sea region.[4]


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