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Belkzen puma

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Belkzen puma
Type Animal
CR 4[1]
Environment Hold of Belkzen
Alignment Neutral[1]

Source: Escape from Old Korvosa, pg(s). 74

Belkzen pumas are large cats native to the Hold of Belkzen, particularly the Blood Plains.[2] Belkzen pumas are technically a type of mountain lion, although they are somewhat smaller; an average Belkzen puma is about the size of a sheep. They use stealth to hunt their prey, aided by their tawny coats. Belkzen pumas are often solitary, but they can also be found in prides. They rarely prey on anything as large as a humanoid, preferring smaller prey. The only time they will attack humans is when a pride of them come across a lone traveller.[3]


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