Beltais Kreun

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Beltais Kreun
Aliases The Splithog Pauper
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 4
Gender Male
Homeland Riddleport, Varisia

Source: Shadow in the Sky, pg(s). 66

Beltais Kreun, also known as the Splithog Pauper, runs a thieves' guild out of the downtrodden temple of St. Casperian's Salvation in the slums of Riddleport. Often disguised as a beggar, he secretly keeps the Sarenite mission open through anonymous donations to maintain the front. Beltais can be difficult to identify, though he has no shortage of people who want him found. Cap'n "Keelhaul" Kellion, captain of a ship on which Beltais once served as first mate, seeks him for reasons his crew continues to debate, while his illegitimate daughter, Marzielle Ajuela, wants to publicly humiliate him (or worse) for abandoning her mother before she was born. Beltais also has many enemies among Riddleport's underworld, including Avery Slyeg, who runs most of the pirate port's black market and smuggling operations.[1]


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