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Berym Verrachus

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Berym Verrachus

Cheldain Graymoor
Lord Graymoor
Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 39

Berym Verrachus, known in public as Lord Cheldain Graymoor, is the ruler of the Numerian town of Graymoor. He is also immortal and trapped in a quantum flux that prevents him from traveling, aging, or reuniting with his family.1


Berym was exiled to Numeria from Ustalav in a scandal at some point in the early 4600s AR. An intellectual and scientist, he set up a gothic castle and extensive underground workshop to house his family and experiment with Numerian technology. He soon unlocked the functions of a technological device that used quantum flux to phase shift matter into a different quantum state—he could effectively move people and objects in and out of existence.1

When his experiments drew the Technic League's attention in 4611 AR, Berym phase shifted himself and his family out of the castle. However, the League confiscated parts of the apparatus that governed the state, and when Berym rematerialized 20 years later in 4631 AR, he could not restore his family. He also found that he had become immortal, but could only exist for 16 hours a day, and within a 4-mile radius of his workshop; outside of these parameters, Berym simply ceases to exist.2

He has since applied his immortality and wealth to improving the region around Graymoor castle, perpetuating a scheme where he inserts himself into a false family history to prevent others from discovering his immortality.2


While evading the Technic League during his experiments, Berym placed himself and his family in a quantum flux that removed them from reality. The League confiscated the equipment that maintained his family's state, however, and could not recover his wife and children when he emerged 20 years later in 4631 AR. His current alias, Lord Cheldain Graymoor, is the name of one of his descendants from a later relationship.2

His sole present relative is his granddaughter Ourita, who believes Berym is her uncle.2


Berym employs an android named Dellos, whom he saved from barbarians and personally augmented, as his majordomo.2