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Nation Numeria
Region Sovereign's Reach
Size Small town
Population 516
Demographics Kellids, androids
Government Overlord
Ruler Lord Cheldain Graymoor
Leader Ellarose, cleric of Brigh

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 19

Graymoor is a relatively peaceful town in Sovereign's Reach, a region of Numeria known more for its history of war and technological horrors.[1] Graymoor is one of the few places on Golarion where androids are welcomed and can live alongside the locals peaceably.[2]


The town is ruled by Lord Cheldain Graymoor, whose family emigrated from Ustalav more than 100 years ago. The Graymoor family brought significant wealth with them, and applied it to build an incongruously gothic castle in the Ustalavic style and improve the lands and people around it, allowing the town of Graymoor to thrive.[1]

Lord Graymoor himself maintains a degree of independence; he rebuffs the Technic League while paying its taxes. His longevity, reclusiveness, and lack of aging leads to rumors that he is a vampire, though he deals with others openly in daytime.[1]