Birgitte Redmane

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Birgitte Redmane
Race/Species Human (Ulfen)
Gender Female
Homeland Vasterborg, Raemerrund, Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Organization Ulfen Guard

Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 75

Birgitte Redmane was the first member of the Ulfen Guard.[1]


During the reign of Grand Prince Jalrune, Birgitte spent many years in an Opparan jail until she provided information that allowed Jalrune to drive away an ice linnorm rampaging through the World's Edge Mountains. She befriended Hyrotte, the most vocal proponent of her release. After Jalrune was assassinated by Qadiran spies, Hyrotte inherited the throne, and knowing that a lucky assassin could easily send him to the grave as well, he asked Birgitte to serve as his bodyguard. Birgitte went further and offered the service of her kin as well. Hyrotte, seeing the value in bodyguards unaffiliated with politics, decreed that he would only accept Ulfen folk as bodyguards. Thus the Ulfen Guard was born.[1]

Initially, only Birgitte's relatives were accepted into the Ulfen Guard, making her hometown of Vasterborg one of the richest towns in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. As demand for bodyguards grew, this restriction was eventually lifted, but Birgitte's descendants remained the most prestigious Ulfen Guards. In 3313 AR, Ingune Five-Embers, then commander of the Ulfen Guard and Birgitte's fifth-generation descendant, deserted her post in Taldor to defend Vasterborg from the invasion of Baba Yaga. She was never seen again and Birgitte's line died out, as Vasterborg, and all Raemerrund, fell and the treasures they accumulated during their service to Taldor were funnelled to Whitethrone.[1]


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