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A winter wolf in humanoid form barters with a merchant in Whitethrone.

Large city
17,962 humans, 1,873 winter wolves, 1,237 ice trolls, 1,098 gnomes, 996 snow goblins, 614 dwarves, 543 fey, 95 frost giants, 482 other
Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 54

Home to the Jadwiga ("children of the witch-mother"), the descendants of the witch Baba Yaga, Whitethrone was a playground for evil nobles under the 100-year reign of previous Queen Elvanna's family.1 This has changed since the ascent of Elvanna's successor, Queen Anastasia, in 4713 AR.2


The city is located on tall cliffs overlooking the northeastern shores of Glacier Lake, and contains tall towers and domed buildings, some of them carved of ice that never melts. The main street running to the queen's palace is known as the Bone Road, and is paved with the skulls of those who died in the Winter War, and occasionally repaired or extended with the bones of those who displease the White Witches.3


The city is home to snow goblins, ice trolls, and even winter wolves and worgs, all of them with the same rights as humans. Visitors must beware, for Baba Yaga cast a spell on the Howlings district that allows the lupines to walk in human form to more easily interact with the two-legged population. The people of Whitethrone know better than to hunt wolves outside the city, or insult the shaggy-haired men and women whose breaths fog the air on even the warmest days.1


Queen Elvanna's eldest daughter, Princess Cassisoche, was the duchess of the province of Thronehold and ruler of the capital city of Whitethrone .4


Paizo published a panoramic image of Whitethrone on p. 18 of People of the North, and a four-panel poster map in the City Map Folio.

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