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Raemerrund was a kingdom of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings that was overrun by the forces of the witch queen Baba Yaga during the Winter War of 3313 AR.1


Raemerrund was founded around 2261 AR after long skirmishes with Kellid forces from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords led to the eastward expansion of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings all the way to the Tusk Mountains.2 Its subsequent history is largely forgotten, with little known until near the end of its existence as a political entity. The ruler of Raemerrund was said to assume the Elkhorn Crown at their accession.3

Reign of Jarguut the Last

King Ethered, the last true linnorm king of Raemerrund, died in 3298 AR, leaving rule of the nation to his son, Jarguut. Ethered had hoped that despite Jarguut's lack of martial skills, he would make a wise and just king. Ethered's thanes baulked at the idea of having a man who had not slain, or had any ambition in slaying, a linnorm be ruler of the kingdom, but they loved and respected Ethered so much that they honored his dying wish.14

The thanes did not stay quiet for long, however, and soon began demanding greater independence. Unwilling to rightfully assert his authority, King Jarguut acceded to their demands, eventually going so far as to let a number of the southernmost thanes declare independence in 3304 AR. They called their new state the Djurstor Confederacy, but despite their new-found freedom couldn't stop bickering amongst each other.4

Coming of Baba Yaga

The winter of 3312 AR was terribly bitter, even by the incredibly harsh standards of northern Avistan: warriors who left their swords outside overnight would find that the cold had shattered them by the next morning. As if the cold wasn't strange enough, the northern lights were so bright and sustained that they were mistaken for daylight. These events would later be seen as omens of the terror that was to come.4

The following year the witch-queen Baba Yaga invaded Raemerrund and the Djurstor Confederacy from over the Winterwall Glacier, bringing with her an army of ice trolls, cold fey, frost giant, white dragons, and other evil creatures. King Jarguut and the thanes of the Confederacy were too divided and weakened to offer any serious resistance, and the Ulfen were defeated in only 23 days.4