Breanth Aliskel

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Breanth Aliskel
Titles Captain
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Cavalier 5 / Fighter 3
Gender Female
Homeland Broken Shield Castle, Umbral Basin province, Molthune
Organization Imperial Army (retired, 4714 AR)

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 10

Captain Breanth Aliskel is a retired captain of Molthune's Imperial Army. After taking a magical flaming arrow to her shoulder in 4714 AR and losing much of her arm, she retired from service, retreated into a remote part of the Mindspin Mountains, and built Broken Shield Castle from family funds.

Aliskel succumbed to paranoia and eventually believed the army deliberately tried to have her killed by recklessly sending her into battle. She now recruits bandits and sellswords into a small army of her own beneath her castle, with the hopes of leading it in a suicidal mission against a distracted Imperial Army.[1]


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