Broken Shield Castle

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Broken Shield Castle is a small, isolated castle deep in the Mindspin Mountains of western Molthune, within its Umbral Basin province.1 Built at some point between 4714 AR and 4717 AR by Captain Breanth Aliskel after her retirement from the Imperial Army, it now hosts a small but growing force of bandits and mercenaries under her command.2


  1. The map published on the inside front cover in Lands of Conflict locates Broken Shield Castle within Mindspin province, but the text in the same sourcebook clearly states the castle is within Umbral Basin province. PathfinderWiki takes the latter reference as more accurate unless contradicted by any future Paizo source.
  2. Lissa Guillet & Amber E. Scott. Molthune” in Lands of Conflict, 10. Paizo Inc., 2017