Brivit Nae

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Brivit Nae
Titles Head Librarian and Conservator, Guildmaster, Grand Councilor
Alignment Lawful neutral[1]
Race/Species Human[1]
Class Bard 7 / Loremaster 5[1]
Gender Female
Homeland Forae Logos, Wise Quarter, Absalom; originally Irrisen
Organization Scrivener's Guild

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 44

Brivit Nae is guildmaster of the Scrivener's Guild, a position that by tradition also makes her head librarian and conservator of the Forae Logos in Absalom. She also serves as a member of the city's Grand Council, representing the Wise Quarter. She originally hails from Irrisen.[2]

As head librarian, she's known for being stern and meticulous about following the Forae Logos's strict policies, but also for her generous efforts to copy the library's holdings at reasonable rates and expand its collection. Brivit restores many of the library's fragile tomes herself.[2]