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Forae Logos

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Also known as the Wise House and Library of Kortos, the Forae Logos in Absalom's Wise Quarter is the city's largest library, and one of the most extensive archives of written texts west of the Pit of Gormuz.[1][2]


The library is comprised of several themed wings that organize its collections,[3] as well as reading rooms that sometimes display special relics. The building is located near the infamous Blakros Museum.[4]

Collection of works

See also: List of written works

As one of the greatest sources of knowledge in the Inner Sea region, the district watch—known as the Learned Guard—jealously protects the library's scrolls, documents, tomes, and other written works. Absalom's Grand Council forbids the removal of any text from the library (as outlined in the Founding Law), except by unanimous agreement.[1][2]

The collection is bolstered by a Grand Council order requiring that every book brought into the city either be copied for the library or taxed a silver per page.[2] Although enforcement of this law is haphazard, it has been quite profitable for the city both in gold and knowledge. Brivit Nae, the Head Librarian and Conservator of the Logos, also orders two copies made of all works requested by patrons. Under her management, the Logos's collection has grown by 2 percent—a significant rate considering the library's collection dates back more than 4,000 years.[1]

The Logos also hosts archives of items and relics, many of which are classified as unconfirmed or unidentified and are stored in sub-basements at least three levels deep beneath the library.[5]

List of collected works and items

The Forae Logos holds written lore dating back to 400 AR.[6] The following works and objects are known to be among the tens of thousands[7] of items in the Logos's collection. Many of these are reported in letters from Curator of Apocrypha Djavin Vhrest to his fellow faculty:

Unconfirmed, unknown, or untitled works

Scrivener's Guild

The Forae Logos is also home to the Scrivener's Guild, which cares for the books in exchange for free access to the library.[1]

Learned Guard

The Learned Guard is housed in buildings around the library, and while they are responsible for protecting the entire district, their mandate requires them to protect the Forae Logos above all else.[1]


Among those serving under Head Librarian Brivit Nae are: [5]


Assistant curators



Paizo Inc. published an article on the Forae Logos in Guide to Absalom.

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