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Wise Quarter

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Wise Quarter
Nation Absalom
Size Absalom city district
Government conventional (district council)

Source: Guide to Absalom

The Wise Quarter is a district in the city of Absalom located between the Ivy District and Azlanti Keep. Most of Absalom's government buildings are located here, including the residence of the Primarch and the hall of the Grand Council.[1]

Places of Interest

The Wise Quarter is the home of several prominent schools and libraries, but none are so prestigious as the Arcanamirium, one of Golarion's most well-known magical schools. Scholars and philosophers from all over the world over congregate in the Wise Quarter to teach, research, and debate any topic known to mortals on Golarion.[2]

Other places of interest include: the largest library in Absalom, Forae Logos;[3] the Blakros Museum;[4] and The Silk Castle, the only kite shop within 1000 miles of the city.[5] The proprietor, Vittar Corusec, is often hired to judge special kite-fighting battles in the Irorium during the Gala of Sails and Kraken Carnival festivals held in spring and autumn respectively.[5]

The Wise Quarter is also the home of the sage Akhren Taliart.[6]


The district council who administers this neighborhood is known as the Wise Council.[7] The meeting hall of the Grand Council, along with the residence of the primarch is located here as well.[1]