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Bugul noz

Source: Life's Long Shadows, pg(s). 76

A bugul noz is a gangly humanoid fey, voluntarily isolated from all other creatures for their horrible appearance.1


A bugul noz is gangly and humanoid, but they go to great lengths to hide the specifics of their appearance. Merely being aware that one can behold a bugul noz instils a supernatural fear in the hearts of others, particularly animals, and those who look upon them in truth find themselves weakened and dragged closer to death. Stories even tell of travelers being struck dead by a careless glance at one of the reclusive fey. While a bugul noz cannot be harmed by its own appearance, it is still a reminder of their own terrible nature, and one forced or tricked into seeing its reflection abandons all else it may be doing to wail and wallow in its misery.1

Habitat and ecology

A bugul noz dwells alone, isolating itself so that others are not put at risk of seeing it. As they wander, they sing eerie songs as a warning so that any who approach know to flee or avert their gaze. They prefer the depths of dark and mist-shrouded forests for their homes, as their innate magic allows them to move easily though such areas despite any obstacles that may bar the path of other creatures. They are not, however, sedentary, and wander the world in search of others of their kind.1

A bugul noz is innately kind and does not want to kill anyone. However, in addition to the casualties of their appearance, they are unpredictable and may lash out in panic or confusion, leading to unfortunate deaths. Should they find themselves a murderer, they will mourn their victims. In the case that a bugul noz accumulates multiple victims, typically because one dwells in the same area long enough, they may carry the bodies deeper into the forest and place them in a single mass grave. This grave then becomes the nexus of their movements, as they will always return to it when not wandering to watch over the bodies and ensure their spirits are never lonely.1

They dwell in eternal sorrow over their appearance, to the point that even magic cannot force them to experience any other emotion. The only thing that can lessen this is the company of others of their kind, for such a companion is the only creature who could tolerate their appearance and lessen their loneliness. Short of this, their greatest desire is to find friends who can permanently alter their form.1


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