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Level 3
Adjective Buso

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 39

Busos are one-eyed, tree-dwelling humanoids who subsist on the flesh of other sentient humanoids.[1]


Busos stand around the height of a human and have long, gangly limbs and greyish skin. The most visibly distinctive feature of busos is their single large eye set above a flat nose.[1]


Busos posses only a few abilities beyond the reach of humans, all having to do with their close relationship to plants. A buso can enlarge or shrink both plants and plant creatures. Outside of this supernatural ability, busos can be found using most conventional combat techniques.[1]


Buso legend says that the species rose from a two-eyed humanoid in the distant past who gave one of their eyes to forest spirits for salvation against famine and starvation. These spirits, known as busaw, are said to have granted the buso both their excellent agricultural abilities and their need for humanoid flesh. Busos emphatically deny any evolutionary connection to cyclopes and their kin.[1]

Rarely, a buso fetus will be possessed by a busaw spirit. These chosen children will be born with two eyes instead of one in addition to a single ivory horn that acts as a conduit for arcane energy. These so-called buso datu rule buso society for the duration of their lives.[1]

While busos are omnivorous and eat a great deal of vegetable matter, their diet requires consumption of humanoid flesh to maintain good nutrition. This predilection puts the creatures at odds with most neighboring groups, though outside of the occasional need to hunt, busos largely keep to themselves in their treetop dwellings. Occasionally, desperate peoples of surrounding communities will bring humanoid sacrifices to the buso for assistance with their agricultural problems.[1]


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