Brothers Treyes

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Liron Treyes & Cadamon Treyes
Aliases Brothers Treyes
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Gender Male
Homeland Lepidstadt, Ustalav
Organization University of Lepidstadt

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 6

The Brothers Treyes were two brothers—Liron Treyes and Cadamon Treyes—who are most famous for making an investigation into the ancient Kellid mound called Kalexcourt in Vieland, Ustalav. The brothers' investigation found many items there, and they founded the University of Lepidstadt to contain these artefacts.[1] To this day the Treyes Museum of Antiquities is a major part of the university.[2] The Brothers were also the first to investigate the Spiral Cromlech in Lepidstadt.[2]

In addition to their exploration, the Brothers Treyes were also authors and wrote, for instance, A Treasury of Varisian Tales[3] and Liron Treyes' Journal.[4]


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