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Nation Ustalav
Region Vieland
Traits Academic[1]
Size Small city
Population 9,780
Demographics 9,600 humans, 80 dwarves, 50 elves, 30 gnomes, 20 other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral
Leader Dean Acciani Viacarri,
Alpon Caromarc

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 46

Founded in 3898 AR,[2] Lepidstadt is the largest settlement in all of Vieland and effectively acts as the county's capital since the governing council is based there.[3][4][5] Lepidstadt is located on the banks of one of Ustalav's numerous rivers,[6] west of the foothills of the enormous and near-impassible Tusk Mountains that mark the border with the Hold of Belkzen.[7]

Notable locations