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Kalexcourt, the Fortress of Monoliths, or the Vault of the Witch-Priests, stands at the very north-westernmost point of Ustalav, in the county of Vieland, among the lower slopes of the Tusk Mountains.[1] It is an ancient burial mound of the Kellid peoples dating from before the founding of Ustalav.[2]


Kalexcourt stands on ancient Kellid holy ground where the shamans, wise men and witch-priests of their tribes were interred. The dead Kellids fused in the earth and created a spirit of communal knowledge known as the Conclave of Ancients. When the Varisians invaded the region in the third millennium AR, Kalexcourt was conquered and no further Kellids were buried there.[2]

Recent History

In 4422 AR, the two brothers, Liron Treyes and Cadamon Treyes, made an investigation into Kalexcourt and ended up destroying the mound. However, they found many things there of great value: golden torcs, shields with legends written on them, and strange idols. The brothers founded the University of Lepidstadt to contain these artefacts.[3] What is significantly less well known is why the brothers' investigation led to the destruction of the mound, and also why there was such a great loss of life. The true story is recounted in Liron Treyes' secret journal: the spirit of the witch-priests was also found by the brothers and it now knows of the demise of the Kellid people at the hands of the Varisians—the destruction was actually a sealing of this mind-hungry, ancient being deep in the underground tombs before it could wreak more damage and death. It is considered that the entity discovered is a charnel colossus, a colossal undead creature.[4]

More recent finds have been made near Kalexcourt including, in 4702 AR, the Six-Eye Stones; they are of Kellid provenance consistent with Kalexcourt's origins. Unfortunately, these artefacts vanished while being transported to the Sincomakti School of Sciences.[5]

An undead monstrosity known as a charnel colossus is trapped beneath the ruins.[6]