University of Lepidstadt

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University of Lepidstadt
Type Academic
Leader Dean Acciani Viacarri
Headquarters Lepidstadt, Vieland, Ustalav
Scope Local
Members Scholars and tutors

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 46

The University of Lepidstadt, or Lepidstadt University, is famous throughout Avistan and beyond; it specializes in the "mortal sciences" of medicine, mathematics, and science.[1] The university was founded by the brothers Liron and Cadamon Treyes in 4422 AR as a place to record their research and deposit their treasure found in their investigation of Kalexcourt.[2][3]


Its current leader is Dean Acciani Viacarri, while Dr. Leis Richleau of the university's School of Medicine is also a council member on the Palatine Council of Vieland.[1] Many of its students and faculty are investigators, and its investigative graduates are held in such esteem for their deductive skills that the university regularly receives requests from throughout the region for the aid of Lepidstadt-trained inspectors.[4]


The major subjects read at Lepidstadt are:[5]

The University Buildings

The university campus contains the following buildings:[1]

  • Laurelgauge Library
  • Vighkeir Hall
  • the Treyes Museum of Antiquities
  • half of the nearby Fort Cindercairn
  • lecture halls
  • dormitories


The university also teaches the value of swordsmanship: it supports duelling fraternities like Gateguard and Malkenclaw. There is a tradition for freshers to duel at Fifthstones Hill, to the south of the city, until they receive a Lepidstadt scar: a prized cut to the face.[1]


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