Cerise Bloodmourn

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Cerise Bloodmourn

Pirate Lord
Source: Island of Empty Eyes, pg(s). 54–55

Lady Cerise Bloodmourn, formerly Cerise Vauxtiere, is a member of the Shackles' Pirate Council who aspires to someday become its Hurricane King.1 She captains the galley Come What May.2


A noble of the displaced Galtan Vauxtiere family, Cerise's family fled for Taldor in 4681 AR while her mother was still pregnant with her. While growing up in Cassomir, her parents enrolled her in boarding schools to prepare her for a life of nobility in exile. However, her family never fit into Taldan high society, and Cerise rebelled by falling in with thieves and scoundrels on Cassomir's docks. Her rebellion brought further shame on her family and led to her running away after a fight with her father ended in him striking her.3

She then set out for a life on the seas by seducing pirate captain Daerius Wynnt with her charms and promises of plundering her family's own estate and stealing a Taldan galley. After assembling their crew, Daerius and Cerise executed their plans and fled Cassomir on their stolen ship they rechristened the Come What May. Cerise rechristened herself as well, taking on the name Lady Bloodmourn to remind herself of all that her family lost.3

In the Shackles

Cerise and the Come What May eventually reached the Shackles, though Daerius died in battle against the Taldan Imperial Navy, leaving her command of the galley. She fell into service of Tessa Fairwind and soon worked her way onto the Pirate Council.3

As captain

Cerise is known for enjoying strong drink and shore leave,4 and she wears practical pirate's garb with panache, even if she must wear a gown over it when necessary.3

She is ambitious and a clever, calculating politician, even as a pirate, and seeks the title of Hurricane Queen for herself.3


Cerise employs the services of a maid she rescued from a Chelish yacht.3


Cerise prefers to wield a rapier.3


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