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Channa Ti
Channa Ti


Channa Ti is a half-elven, half-Mwangi water druid.1 Her heritage is a little odd, and since she is not given to introspection, she does not offer any insight into why an elf fighter from the Mwangi Expanse came to father a child upon a woman of Geb. Channa doesn't say much about herself, other than to admit that she's not one to ponder her decisions overlong and that her curiosity is both a strength and a failing.


She was raised among the elves of the Mwangi Expanse and, at a very young age, apprenticed to a human druid. She does not have a companion animal, but rather, an affinity to one of the elements—water, in her case. She does not harbor a romantic or sentimental view of nature, and in some ways she is more comfortable in the form and mind of a predator than in her own skin. She doesn't like elves, and she's wary of humans. But in her role as Pathfinder (a natural career choice for someone who's more curious than your average tabby) and frequent guide to adventurers and explorers, she has learned to work with just about anyone. She just assumes they're going to betray her at some point and has gotten pretty good about predicting the double cross and throwing in a twist of her own. Despite this view of humanoid nature, Channa would not describe herself as cynical, but pragmatic.2

Channa's name itself provides volumes of insight into her personality for those who know well the Elvish language. While Channa is her first name and nothing out of the ordinary, "Ti" holds much more significance. The word means, roughly translated, "the absence of "something" or simply "not." It can also mean "silence," which could lead humans or others with only basic knowledge of the language to think her name to be "Channa the Silent" when in fact she intends it to signify a rejection of her father's people; she is not an elf, she is not of their tribe.3


She is nearly six feet tall, thin and strong. She keeps her curly black hair cropped short and usually wears a hood, head scarf, turban, or other means of hiding her half-elven ears. Her mixed heritage gives her a lighter skin tone than the people of Geb—a rich brown rather than near-ebony—and at first glance most people assume she's a Mwangi woman.2


A former slave, Channa is a member of the Pathfinder Society, reporting to the esteemed Venture-Captain Gham Banni.4 In 4709 AR, Channa escaped again from slavery due to the underhanded dealings of her kholo5 slaver Ratsheek and was given a strange whaleskin map to the lost city of Xanchara by a mysterious Vudrani cleric named Vanir Shornish.6


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