Chillbane fever

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Chillbane fever epidemic

In 4227 AR, miners working in the Vault of Silver and Ice in the western Irrisen province of Bleakmarch contracted a deadly and contagious disease they initially called shivering sickness, but which eventually became known as chillbane fever. Hundreds of mine workers died and although the mine was sealed to contain the infection, the disease spread to the provincial capital of Algidheart, devastating the city. Queen Velikas called on a priestess of Desna, named Inkit Reli, from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords for aid, and she managed to get it under control. A milder version of the disease survives to this day.12

Chillbane fever

Today's version of chillbane fever is not to be confused with the far more potent earlier version that swept across Bleakmarch and devastated Algidheart. It is an infectious disease, characterized by the sufferer's constant shaking.3 One known carrier of the disease is the Khala dragon.45