Cobble mite

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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 52

Cobble mites are small, rock-shaped aberrations that can form large swarms.1


An individual cobble can fit into the palm of the average human's hand. The creatures appear for all intents and purposes to be small rocks with geode-like mouths. When cobble mites join forces to become a cobbleswarm, the group will look more like a large moving ball of loose stone. Older, more massive cobbleswarms, known as sturzstromers, can be mistaken for moderate landslides.1


A lone cobble mite is not particularly dangerous, largely known for its slow burrowing movement. Swarms of cobble mites, either cobbleswarms or sturzstromers, are much more dangerous. The flying rocks of the rolling masses can cause significant damage to unprotected individuals and structures, and the biting teeth of the individual cobble mites can drag a person into the mass. Sturzstromers have been known to cause terrible earthquakes through some sort of connection to primal magic.1


Swarms of cobble mites can be triggered by a number of factors, but human intervention is common. Construction efforts can accidentally bring too many cobble mites together (through the collection and deposition of materials, for example), causing the creatures to swarm. When not swarming, individual cobble mites may be familiars.1

On Golarion

Keeping cobble mites as pets was a brief fad among nobles in Oppara, Taldor, in 4722 AR.2


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