Colour out of space

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Colour out of space

Source: Wake of the Watcher, pg(s). 76–77
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The colour out of space1 is an incorporeal, destructive alien ooze that sucks the life out of all living things and manifests as an insubstantial colour unlike anything on the visible spectrum.2


A colour has no physical body and resembles a mobile radiance, glowing with an unnatural colour seen nowhere else; this colour is often illustrated as a sinister green-grey, but that is only a flawed reproduction. To witness the colour out of space is to know there are things no humanoid mind can fully comprehend, describe, or explain.2


Colours out of space live deep in the Dark Tapestry, but need to visit a planet in order to reproduce. A colour usually does so by infusing a meteorite and seeping into the nearby land after the meteorite hits the planet.2

Colours are not harmed by natural sunlight, but prefer to dwell in dark places. Over the course of weeks, months, or years, the colour feeds on the surrounding flora and fauna, that develop a weird, deleterious addiction to the feeding and refuse to flee. When a colour matures, it erupts back to the Dark Tapestry, but sometimes there remains enough of the parent colour to repeat the life cycle.2

Colour-blighted areas are recognisable for large swathes of barren landscape, the eerie pallor of plants, and the presence of colour-blighted creatures. They appear deformed and glowing with the same unspeakable colour as the colour out of space itself, are strangely aggressive towards others, rarely live for long, and crumble into fine white ash when they are granted the mercy of death.2


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