Crimson Clepsana

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Crimson Clepsana
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Merfolk
Class Bard 5 / Sorcerer 3
Gender Female
Homeland Heavywater Perch, Shackles

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 27

Crimson Clepsana is a beautiful merfolk with a tail of an enormous red snapper, who resides on the tiny site of Heavywater Perch, little more than a single large rock near the southern end of Pangalley Atoll in the Shackles. She can usually be found sitting atop the rock when the Screaming Reaver is leaving or returning to port. The residents of Fort Benbem stay away from Heavywater Perch for fear of being enchanted by Clepsana's captivating song that lures many unwary sailors to their deaths. Captain Coal-Dark has informed her crew that anyone found staring at the sensuous merfolk while aboard her ship will receive a dozen lashes from her wicked cat-o'-nine-tails. As a precaution, she uses moist kelp to plug her crew's ears. Some of the crew wonder why Coal-Dark fails to simply take care of the seductress herself.[1]


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