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Cu sith
A cu sith.

Cu siths are guard dogs to interplanar gateways, particularly those that lead to the First World.1


Cu siths appear as bull-sized hounds with shaggy white and green fur and plaited tails. Their bodies and legs are covered in intertwined roots and matted vines. Their eyes have a fiery green glow.1

Habitat and ecology

Cu siths make their home in moors and highlands where the barriers between planes grows thin. They are highly territorial and rigorously patrol their chosen domains. To intruders they encounter, they offer a single warning in the form of a haunting bark before brutally slaying those who refuse to flee. However, they are not unreasonable and can be bargained with for safe passage. In such circumstances, they serve as vigilant escorts that protect travelers from threats, while also ensuring that they do not stray from the most direct path too or from the portal.1

On Golarion

Cu siths dwell primarily in the marshy highlands of Ustalav, areas where stories of fey are older than living memory. Cu siths in particular are feared as superstition holds that they drag their prey back to the First World, which then absorbs their souls.1


A cu sith can let out a terrifying bark, called a dooming bark. Those who hear it and fail to keep their nerve are gripped with fear and have their souls loosened from their bodies; though creatures that hear it while in a place the cu sith cannot reach have its effects on them lessened.1


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