Cyrul the Wanderer

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Cyrul the Wanderer
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Expert 3 / ranger 2
Gender Male
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 14

Both well educated and verbose, Cyrul the Wanderer is still a humble man, driven by wanderlust to travel all the time. His tales are lively and humorous. [1]

The Wanderer is obsessed with shortcuts, following and cataloging them as soon as he hears a rumor of one. He his happy to share them with anyone he meets. Sometimes this leads to unexpected experiences, even delays, in high and low places.[1]


The red-haired son of a professor is tall, gangly, and awkward. However, his broad smile is very charming, and his round, intense eyes are very expressive as he passes along the narrative of his last shortcut to adventure.[1]